Closet Organization

Recapture your closet space

Most people put things in their closets with the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. The problem is, closets quickly become havens for mess and disorganization. That is, unless you have a system of order for your closets! Closet organization is something we specialize in helping our customers with.

From installing full closet racking systems, to helping you compartmentalize, we’re the authority on maximizing your closet space. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your closets, turning them into convenient, organized, accessible spaces. We make sure you have room to store life’s important things.

Closet organization systems

A closet is just a big empty space until you install a system for order. Closet organization systems introduce the elements you need to maximize that empty space, while keeping everything orderly and in its place. We’ll tailor a closet organization system around your needs, to include any or all of the following:

  • Shelving: From clothing to storage containers, shelving gets your stuff off the ground and make sure it has a permanent place to reside. We tailor shelving to maximize wall real estate and utilize vertical space.
  • Racking: Suits, dresses and business attire doesn’t deserve to be folded! Racking systems give formal apparel the space it demands, making it easy to get dressed for success every day.
  • Cabinets and drawers: For the knickknacks and little things, cabinets and drawers compartmentalize closet space, while still keeping the little things accessible. We install organization systems to maximize every inch of your closets.
  • Hooks and hangers: Hangers and hooks are a great one-off solution to keeping things off the floor and using the vertical space inside your closets. Hang clothing, accessories or anything else that can’t be folded or stowed in a drawer.
  • Convertible storage: Making the most of smaller closets or oddly-dimensioned spaces is easy with convertible storage solutions. Fold-out racks, rotating shelves and more give you full access to space, while keeping everything organized.

Whatever combination of closet organization components you need, turn to us. Our team evaluates the space and your needs, assembling a closet organization system that prioritizes convenience, accessibility and simplicity.

Why invest in closet organization?

Closet organization comes with tons of great benefits. Not only is your home more organized and your items easier to find, you add value to your home for a small investment. Closet organization is sophisticated and high-end—something a prospective homebuyer wants and a convenience you’ll enjoy every day you own your home. Plus, instead of losing out on unused or wasted square footage, you’ll get access to every inch of your closet space.

When it comes to home improvement, you’re probably not thinking about your closets. But you should be! Closets are valuable real estate that might be going to waste without a proper organization system in place. Carpet Wagon is your authority on closet organization systems. No matter the size or dimensions of your closet, or what you intend to use it for, we’re compelled to tailor an organization solution for you.

Our systems utilize all types of organizational fixtures, including drawers, shelves, hooks, racks and more. Fully assembled, your organization system will fit flawlessly in your closet and meet your expectation for compartmentalization! Contact our team today to recapture your wasted real estate and turn your closets into easy-access, organized spaces. 

Ready to Recapture Your Closet Space?

When it comes to closet organization systems, Carpet Wagon is the authority. Let us introduce you to a turnkey closet organization system that maximizes your space around your unique needs. We design systems for walk-in closets, hall closets, bathroom closets and all-purpose closets of any shape or size. Reach us today at 877-519-2466 or through our website to begin discussing closet organization options for your home.