Carpet Is Hard To ChooseCarpet is a wonderful and luxurious feeling on your feet after a long day at work, and it can offer greater warmth to a home, a sensual softness, a damper on noise and the nice look that only carpet can bring. However, choosing carpet is never as simple as it seems, because not only do you have to decide between wall to wall carpets, bordered carpets or just using large area rugs, you also need to know about the pile, weave and texture of carpet as well.

Tufted Versus Woven
Woven carpets are actually woven on a loom like clothing, and these closely knotted rugs and carpets are much tighter knit, and therefore have a longer life span. However, tufted is often less expensive and can be easier to clean, although it does have a much shorter life span.

The Pile

The pile refers to the materials that make the carpet, and the thickness and shape can vary greatly. Thicker and longer pile feels softer and has a velvety cushiony feeling underfoot, but is harder to maintain in the long run. Short pile is more efficient for busy households and can undertake vacuuming well, but doesn’t have the softness of longer and thicker pile.

Natural Versus Synthetic
Wool carpeting is a natural carpet that is better for the environment and those in the house who are wanting to avoid toxins and allergens that can be found in some types of synthetic carpeting. The downside to wool is that it is one of the pricier types of carpet, but it can be found in a fairly large array of styles and sizes. Synthetic carpet is the least expensive option, but some kinds can exude toxins and the quality of synthetic carpet varies greatly among manufacturers, so you will need to read labels every time.

A great carpet store will typically have many ecologically friendly and hypoallergenic options available in a wide array of styles and types. The flooring staff can help you look through all of the different carpeting options so you get the right thickness and softness, the right maintenance level needed and the right cost for your budget. Carpeting is an investment and one that you will be using for several years, so it truly pays to do your homework and consider every factor from the traffic level in the home to the eventual addition of kids or pets as well.