How Carpet Gets InstalledProfessional carpet installation gives you a beautiful looking floor, and one that you didn’t have to install! However, those who have not had the benefit of an education in carpet installation may not realize just what takes place when a flooring company gets down to their work. Here is a look at how professionals give you that perfect carpet flooring every time.

The carpet installation company begins with measurements. They must measure the square footage and must ensure that there will be absolutely no gaps at all. In addition, since many times carpet must be pieced together, they have to make multiple measurements for every scrap of carpet they bring into your house.

They begin the actual carpeting process by removing any old flooring. They must pull up every fiber, every tack, and every bit of dirt and debris. Once the floor is squeaky clean, they can move onto the next step.

The underlayment or pad goes down next. This pad offers cushioning and protection and makes carpet flooring feel so springy and soft.

Most carpet professionals will attempt to ensure that the carpet itself is at a room temperature, as the fibers can expand and contract in extreme temperatures. Once the carpet is acclimated, they will cut and lay it down on the floor. They will usually allow for four inches of excess around the edges. They will then set in the pieces, and use a seam tape to keep the carpet pieces flowing and looking like one big piece of carpet.

Once the carpet has been laid down and the seams concealed, the carpet installation company will use a knee kicker to pull it tight against the walls, and then stretch the carpet tight. This prevents any bubbles from rising and keeps the carpet in place and not moving. They then trim off extra carpet edges.

Finally, once the carpet has been stretched, the installers will tack it down between the wall and the tackless strip. Some companies will replace or reinstall the wall trim. Others consider the job complete once the carpet is in place.

Carpets require quite a lot of work to install and to maintain, but the softness and delightful texture makes them well worth-while. Check into Carpet Wagon and learn more about your carpet and installation options. You can let someone else – like those of us at – do the hard work and simply enjoy coming home to a perfectly installed carpet.