bigstock-Natural-Bamboo-2361368Bamboo is not a hard wood, but is actually a plant and the flooring you see is the fibers of the plant. This is why bamboo looks so very different from hard woods – it is! Not only does bamboo simply look spectacular as flooring, due to its very distinctive pattern, but it is also one of the greenest of flooring materials out there. Bamboo can grow to full maturity in as little as five years, making it very self-sustaining and ecologically friendly. Quite simply, hardwoods can take thirty or more years to grow to maturity, and thus, when they are used for flooring, it takes a long time to replace those trees. Not so with bamboo – it can be harvested very quickly.

Not only is bamboo green, but it is harder than many types of hardwood floors. This adds an incredible value to the bamboo as flooring, since it offers a very long life span. In addition, during the process of making it into flooring, it is heavily laminated and thus, offers an incredible amount of moisture resistance. It doesn’t warp as easily and will last as is for many, many years.

Bamboo flooring is available in many types and even grains and colors and so offers virtually unlimited options for style. Typically bamboo flooring is available in grain-woven, horizontal or vertical. In addition, you can often find it available in glue-down form, nail-down form and even click installation. This makes it very affordable to get installed.

One added benefit of bamboo is that it is very hypoallergenic and is easy to clean thoroughly, making it invaluable for those with pets or allergies. Many types of flooring tend to “catch” allergens and dust and this leads to allergy issues. Bamboo is a tighter and smoother type of flooring and is perfect for those with allergies.

With so many styles of staining options available you can easily find the right bamboo flooring to match your home décor wants. This green flooring is truly a wonderful find in many ways and offers a great value and a great looking floor that will maintain its beauty for many years. Many of today’s flooring installation companies offer a wide variety of bamboo and installation options too. Let the professional flooring experts at Carpet Wagon help you discuss the pros and cons of different styles of bamboo flooring and you will end up with a floor that you love.