Hardwood floors are elegant, attractive and unique. These strips of hardwood flooring are widely used in many domestic and commercial establishments such as homes, hotels, offices, business houses and more. The hardwoods are not only impressive to look at, but also with its low profile, it adds beauty and class to the places where they are used. Therefore, the use of hardwood as a flooring material is gaining popularity and capture importance in modern times.

There are different species of hardwood used for flooring. These species are white oak, American cherry, red oak, white ash, yellow birch, maple, black walnut and more.


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hardwood flooring glendale ca

White Oak

White oak could withstand rough seas and high tides, and so it was used to build ships and boats in ancient times.

American Cherry

The American cherry variety is famous because it is easy to use. It was named as the American cherry because it is abundantly available and grown in the U.S. It is the best wood used for trim and cabinets because of its reliability and long life property. However, it is not recommended for use as board flooring in high traffic areas.

Red Oak

Red oak is widely available and it is also much cheaper and popular. This wood peaked during the Industrial Revolution. In addition to using this type of wood for flooring and furniture, this is used to build ties and rail car wheels. It can also be used for building modern day doors and hardwood floors.

White Ash

White ash variety is not only heavy but also strong. This wood is used to make sports equipment as it is used to withstand maximum stress. This wood is available in several colors, which can probably withstand heavy foot traffic, and is recommended for use as floor board.

Yellow Birch

This wood is also known as the deciduous reliable wood as it has been widely used by manufacturers and builders. This wood has been used as a tool in interior decoration and is used to make household objects of daily use. It was used as plank hardwood flooring. The yellow birch is so named because of its golden color. It is a type of wood that can be easily used for hardwood floors.

Hard Maple

Hard maple is also known as sugar maple or Canadian maple. Early settlers of the United States used the deep wood. This wood is the hardest wood of all maple wood that was used not only for weapons, but even for soap and syrup. This wood is known for its wear-resistant and non-abrasive characteristics, even to this day. This can be recommended to use on the floor.

Black Walnut

This type of wood is usually not recommended to use as floor board because it is not as hard as other woods. But it is easy to install, and nails, glues and cuts can be made and done very easily with this type of wood. Even the stains can be removed easily from this type of wood. This wood is most commonly used around the world as a decorative timber.