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Size does matter, at least when it comes to your flooring. The thickness of your flooring will not only determine how energy efficient your home will be, but is also usually indicative of how long the floor will last as well. From laminate to tile to wood flooring, many times the warranty on these flooring options ties right into the actual thickness of the material.

While the essential component for a strong and lasting floor is a very good and thick subfloor, remember that your subfloor can be terrific, but thin and shoddy tiles or wood pieces will not last, even so. When it comes to your wood floor, the thickness is even more important, particularly if it is the kind that will need to be re-sanded and re-finished in a few years. However, most floating wood flooring of today does not need this treatment later on, and so you can often get by with a thinner size with floating flooring than with true old-fashioned hard wood floors.

The thickness of your ceramic and porcelain tiles is fairly cut and dried, and you may have to hunt around to get more than the standard thickness. However, it would be well worth your while to peruse the better flooring stores in Southern California, as unusually thick tiles are excellent for areas around the fireplace or where there is a lot of foot traffic. In addition, these thicker tiles will hold warmth and coolness longer and thus be much better for passive solar energy uses.

Laminate thickness, as with other flooring options, does matter as well, but with laminate, you have a very wide array of choices. This material has seen a great increase in use, and can be found in just about any size, thickness and color imaginable. In fact, this is truly one of the better benefits of laminate flooring, in that you can get what you want without much trouble. Laminate can last for decades, if you get a good quality tile, and it is also a very low maintenance type of flooring that is excellent for homes with children.

Flooring store staff will be able to help direct you to the right type of flooring and thickness for your budget, and the amount of traffic you expect on your floors. Be sure to ask them about the options they have for thickness for each type of flooring so you can weigh your options fully and make a more informed decision.