All About Natural Stone Flooring And Floor InstallationJust as with any other project around the home, floor installation can be easier or more challenging depending on the specifics of your plan. However, you should never choose a flooring option based on whether it is easy to use — just call the professionals!

Sometimes, people are a little bit intimidated by the thought of natural stone flooring in the home. However, if you’re on the fence about this, you really should give it a second look. There is nothing quite as beautiful in the flooring world as natural stone!

Natural stone can be used in a variety of rooms throughout the house. It is a great option for entryways and sitting rooms. It is also particularly spectacular for bathrooms, giving your room a classical quality that cannot be matched by any other material.

There are several different types of natural stone flooring to choose from:

— Granite
— Slate
— Marble
— Limestone
— Travertine

No piece of stone flooring will ever look exactly alike. Generally speaking, marble tends to be the option for the most robust flooring budget, while granite, slate, or limestone can be less expensive depending on the qualities you are looking for.

Qualities And Properties Of Stone Floors To Consider

Natural stone is great for mixing and matching into any style of modern decor. Tiles are typically used for stone flooring, so you won’t have any problem integrating them into any room.

Unlike other types of flooring, stone floors are highly resistant to moisture and other household issues. Stone flooring can also be cleaned very easily. Naturally, it can last hundreds of years.

There are only a few minor disadvantages to stone flooring, and not everyone will consider these an issue. Price is the major consideration, but a great flooring store and floor installation service like Carpet Wagon can easily help you find something to meet your needs.

When overused in a given room, stone flooring has a tendency to echo: Its acoustic insulation level is low. This problem is usually resolved once furnishings and other items are placed in the room. Area rugs can also help.

Some types of stone flooring can be prone to damage if they are exposed to acidic chemicals and harsh cleaners. To maintain the look of your stone floors, be careful to use an appropriate type of cleaner.

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