Stack of various stone tiles isolated on whiteThink granite is just for countertops? Think again. Today you can find granite flooring options as well. Granite is a natural stone and is one of the oldest types of countertops around. It has been used for centuries and thanks to its density and durability, it lends itself well to both flooring and to walls and housing as well. Granite can come in many shades and colors and so it’s easy to find something to match your sense of style. However, there are some other factors to consider as well.

Before running out and getting granite flooring from the closest flooring store, be sure to keep in mind that some granite is polished to a high sheen and while this looks magnificent, in high moisture areas, it can be a fall hazard. If you plan on using granite in homes where there are elderly or young children, it’s always a good idea to use a non-slip surface on the granite. The upside to granite is that it is extremely resistant to moisture and so it works extremely well in high moisture areas and won’t become corrupted.

Not only is granite resistant to water, but it is very scratch and stain resistant as well. This is why it is so popular as a countertop material – it is easy to maintain and requires very little maintenance as long as it is properly installed.

Consider other uses for granite flooring – it is exceptional around pools and spas and since it will not fade, it can be used in areas that receive full sun all day. You can have it installed inside for an indoor pool or hot tub or you can even use granite tiles outside around your pool or deck areas as well. The versatility makes granite a welcome addition to any home.

Granite is also exceptional for passive energy uses, and it will remain cool even on hot days. It holds the ambient temperature of a room well and so lowers the need for additional heating and cooling. This in turn lessens your costs for heating or cooling your home and so granite flooring helps pay for itself in the long run.

Granite is a long term flooring option, so choose very carefully and be sure you are truly happy with the color and style you choose – you will be looking at it for a very long time! Visit your nearest flooring installation company – Carpet Wagon has a magnificent selection of granite flooring options to choose from.