laminate flooring
laminate flooring

Laminate floors are widely offered in the market today, for it’s a popular commodity. They are extremely durable, but not indestructible. Their life span is about 15-20 years, during which have excellent properties. But after their lifetime they are necessary to cut out and discarded. They are sold at lower and higher price ranges.

Floors with lower price points are designed for residential spaces. Once the quality of the laminate flooring is dictated by their resistance to abrasion speed, which was a misleading figure because melamine top layer is hard enough even for the cheapest floor. Laminate flooring does not lose its functionality, but the instability of the carrier plate.

Standard stability means that the quality of the laminate depends on the quality of the floor slab, so its selection focuses on the HDF board (H represents hard, M for MDF means medium, a medium hardness; DTD boards are unsatisfactory) with at least 3/10 inch thick.

Quality laminate increases the impregnation of the carrier plate. Impregnated may be either a plate or only at the joint, which is more sensitive to damage. Each additional effect takes a class above the floor and it is of course not only increases its durability and quality but also its price.

The laminate floor category with the manufacturers mark icons with houses and figures, showing the class load: AC1, AC2, AC3. Symbol AC1 (one character, class 21) means that the floors are the least sophisticated residential interior design – e.g. bedrooms, guest rooms; AC2 (two characters, class 22) is more demanding residential interior – living room, children’s rooms, dining rooms; AC3 (three characters, class 23) is in most residential interior design – corridors, kitchens, living room.

If you will place one type of flooring in the entire apartment, highest class is suitable in all rooms. Higher classes are intended for public interiors.

The guarantee of quality does not matter where you are buying the floor, but what guarantee it will provide to its reseller. This testifies to its reliability and product quality, because quality laminate flooring can be assessed at least one year after installation.

A supplier who is sure of the quality of the product can easily be guaranteed. Beware of the cheapest flooring because they usually do not give a guarantee.

Is laminate flooring suitable in the bathroom? And why not? Although it will cost you a few more bucks, fashion wooden pattern in the bathroom is worth it. Water resistance ensures quality impregnated carrier plate.

Carrier plate quality branded floor has been HDF board but in which the higher content of melamine fibers which its absorption is reduced to a minimum. These panels are suitable for rooms with high relative humidity – ovens, saunas, restrooms, kitchen with difficult ventilation and bathroom. In-between of ordinary and HDF board containing melamine HDF board is impregnated throughout its length.

Laminate is the perfect choice for a landlord who wants to rent and not sure about his lodgers consideration – as wood would be in this case very vulnerable and too expensive for required disposal of damaged floors with rogue tenants.