modern luxury living room with white leather corner sofa and rouMany people may wonder why bother to get laminate flooring that just looks like wood. Why not just get actual wood flooring? There are many disadvantages to wood flooring and so those who love the look of wood flooring may despair of the high maintenance, high cost and high wear that you often see with wood flooring. When you can get the ease of maintenance, affordability and low cost of laminate and still retains the look of wood, it is easy to see why wood laminate is so popular today.

Laminate flooring is made of several layers of pressed materials and then topped off with the thin wood veneer that creates the hardwood look. There are many advantages of laminate as opposed to wood floor, primarily the scratch resistance of laminate. Since even the hardest of real wood floors are easy to scratch and dent, it quite simply does not wear well and requires a great deal of constant maintenance to keep it looking its best. Not so with the wood grain laminate. It is scratch resistant to a very high degree and is practically maintenance free as well.

In addition to the durability, laminate is incredibly easy to install so you can get your new flooring put in very quickly. Hard wood floors take a lot of work for installation and laminate is easy and fast. Many times laminate will come as tongue and groove style planks that are very easy for flooring installation companies to put in very quickly. This means less time for the construction process as well.

You can also use laminate in high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens where it can be ruinous to add real wood flooring. Real wood flooring tends to warp from any moisture in the air, much less any moisture that finds its way to the floor. Laminate offers a tighter seam and is far less affected by moisture in the air. This means you can finally get the look of hardwood in your bathrooms without dealing with warped boards.

When you visit your local Southern California flooring store, you will be dazzled by the many faux wood flooring options you have to choose from. Laminate, and in particular, wood-topped laminate, has made a huge surge as many people are delighted to combine the look of wood with the sensibility of laminate. Visit Carpet Wagon and look over your laminate options.