Laminate Is A Spectacular Option For FlooringLaminate was once the material only used for countertops, but today’s consumers can now enjoy the same benefits on their floors. Laminate is a type of synthetic material created by using a type of core material and topping it with several layers of resin. The materials are stacked and pressed tightly to form each individual piece, which can be created in large sheets or small tiles. Laminate often has a bottom moisture barrier as well which makes these tiles perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and spa rooms.

Most people associate the laminate with the industrial looking tiles often seen in warehouses and hospitals. Today’s laminate flooring, however, comes in delightful faux wood patterns so you can enjoy the look of old oak flooring without the hassle and care that old wood flooring needs. Essentially, thanks to the creative use of materials in laminate, you get the beautiful look of vintage hardwoods but with the ease of maintenance offered by synthetic materials.

Many of today’s laminate floors also offer very long lasting warranties, and you can get guarantees that can last up to twenty years. Be sure that you take a close look at the laminate warranties when you buy so you will know what is covered, what isn’t and how long you can reasonably expect your flooring to last with normal wear and tear.

Consider the fact that the resin coating will not only help act as a barrier against moisture, but will also protect the flooring from scratches. You can wear your high heels with impunity and not have to cringe every time you move a piece of furniture. It is also very resistant to fading, and those window filled rooms can have open curtains all day long – the sun won’t be able to dull your laminate flooring as quickly as many other types of flooring.

For those ecologically minded home owners, laminate is surprisingly ecologically friendly. Those rare hardwoods aren’t used in the making of laminate, and you can have a clear ecology conscience. Then, too, those with allergy issues can enjoy the clean flooring since laminate doesn’t grab debris or dust.

Laminate is quite possibly the best overall value when it comes to flooring, and can be installed quickly and easily by a professional flooring installation company like Carpet Wagon. You can enjoy a brand new floor in all rooms of your house and will have a low maintenance and high class looking floor.