Some tips on how to lay laminate floors:

-First you have to check the material you buy. It is also important to check the locks that are used to connect pieces. The most common defect when unpacking materials are chipped corner blades; hence you need to check everything thoroughly.


Important tips:

– Before installation, it is necessary to let the material acclimate, at least 48 hours in a room with a temperature higher than 17 ° C. It should be just in the room where the floor is to be laid. If the material will be stored in a room where the climatic conditions are different than in the laying room, it is necessary to extend the period of 48 hours.

– Laminate should not be put into a room where there is water logging and high humidity. We do not recommend to lay this material in bathrooms, saunas, toilets, and etc. In these rooms there is standing water that gets under the floor and the floor underneath starts to deform. For installation, follow the humidity between 50-60%, and avoid the formation of large quantities of water at one point.

– Before installation, it is important that the ground is level and its surface has equality. There must be no debris, cracks, etc. under the floor. If the floor is uneven, it will be necessary to cope with leveling compound.

– When laying laminate flooring, you should begin laying the vapor barrier; it’s a film that prevents the ingress of moisture from the floor. You can sometimes use the polyurethane film, which has the same function. The film is considered in strips and sticky. This film is not used for sealing.

– Do not forget to put gaps from the wall and from any fixed objects. It must be adhered to the so-called expansion joints. These gaps are due to expansion and contraction of the wood. Any laminate must therefore be placed at the appropriate distance from the walls, stairs, etc. One of the mistakes we make is that there is very little distance between the laminate and solid object. Expansion joint should be 3/10 inch.


Additional Tips:

laminate floors
laminate floors

Proper care of laminate floors

After laying, learn how to properly care for your laminate flooring – make your laminate floor looking like new for a long time.

In areas of severe contamination, such as front door, use mats against dirt. Equip furniture legs with felt pads to prevent any scratches. Prevent standing water on the floor. Office chairs with wheels should be fitted with soft wheels. Never use materials that contain wax or oil, because they cannot penetrate the surface of the floor, and it will make a film on one surface that attracts dirt.


Prevention and Maintenance