Laminate flooring in the early years did not have high quality – but thanks to the constant development, laminate flooring has achieved great progress. Laminate flooring is now one of the most popular floor coverings in the world.


Laminate floor is composed of three layers

The laminate floors may be made in these variants


Features of Laminate Flooring

Deciding to buy laminated floor makes sense for many homeowners – it’s durable, easy to install and hypoallergenic material. In addition, you can achieve the same look of hardwood, tile or stone floors. Here are a few reasons to get a laminated floor.

Scratch resistant

The floor of the house would have to endure a lot: falling knife, spilled liquid, pets, children, etc. Thanks to new technologies, laminated flooring has resistant top layer that provides protection against scratches.

Easy Maintenance

Laminate flooring is one of the least demanding flooring. The closed surface structure prevents the adhesion of dirt and dust on the floor. If you make a mess on the floor like spilling fluid or oil, all you have to do is to dry it or slightly damp mop. Your floor will immediately clean again.

Great offer

You can choose laminate floors from a wide selection. Would you like to have wood in the living room? Or in the kitchen look of natural stone, or perhaps ceramic or concrete tiles? Nothing is a problem.

Compatible with underfloor heating

If you choose the right bottom layer, you can use laminate flooring with underfloor heating. When the floor is heated, the joints will remain tight due to the floating method of laying.


Laminate floors have a long shelf life that counts the decade (about 25).

Antistatic properties – suitable for allergy sufferers

The laminate is treated so that it is permanently antistatic. Anti-static flooring does not attract dust and dusts will not adhere to it. It is a suitable floor covering for allergy sufferers as this flooring does not breed dust mites and other creatures. Laminate flooring is free of substances that trigger allergies, such as preservatives for wood or PVC.

Ease of installation

Laminate is easy to install. Simply snap the floor together – that’s all.

Easy to remove

Laminate floor is not only easy to install, but also easy to dismount. You can easily move the floor to another room in the house or apartment.

Excellent value

Do you like the idea of natural wood in your house, but do not like the price? If so, laminate flooring is the ideal solution.