It seems that children and flooring do not mix well. Small children with wet diapers, boys with hammers and girls with muddy boots and their coaches overturned cause scratches on the floor, rubbed places, dirt and stains. Carpets in such conditions will soon be worn, dirty and damaged. Wood has advantages over carpeting such as easy cleaning, repair and restoration, can withstand years of working children and their misbehaving. Wood is a good choice for floors where children play and run extensively.


Advantages of wood flooring for families with children

Wood flooring in the room has a warm natural feel. It is warmer than other types of flooring because the wood insulates well. It contains thousands of tiny tubes that naturally retain heat. Since the wood can be sanded and re-painted, it can withstand virtually a hundred years. Carpet will not last nearly as long, unless it is avoided.

Wood is also suitable for children with allergies because it does not capture dust and mold as carpet. It also can be easily cleaned with a broom and a mop. Over time, namely it may make scratches and dents, but those woods, as well as antique furniture, give what is called a “character”.


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The best types of wood for families with children

There is a large selection of wood flooring and each of them has different types of cut and surface hardness. Each type of wood is yet assessed differently, so there is no common ranking system of colors and textures. Here you have some wood types, from which you can choose from:


Parents certainly interested in the demand of safety of children on wood flooring. Safety issue can be resolved by placing small rugs in places where children are playing and running around. Another solution is square rugs that unfolded around the room as needed and can easily move later.