Restoring Wood Floors

Easy Ways in Restoring Wood Floors What are the best and easy ways possible in restoring wood floors to get back to its beautiful appearance just like the time they were installed? Can I do it on my own or should I hire a refinisher? Of course, it will wear out! If only hardwood floors […]

Hardwood Floors Can Solve Your Allergy Issues

Hardwood flooring is not always made out of “hard” woods like oak or walnut – some flooring is also made from “soft” woods like pine, maple and cherry. Wood flooring is one of the most beautiful types of flooring on the market, and can feature many exotic colors, patterns and striations depending on the type […]

Which Flooring Options Are Quietest?

One important consideration to make when choosing flooring for a new home or for a remodeling project that often goes overlooked is just how noisy the floor is going to be. Certain types of flooring are inherently noisier when walked upon, so it may be worth taking into account the kind of traffic that the […]

Getting To Know Your Woods

For ages, people have enjoyed the beauty and longevity of hardwood flooring. A well maintained hardwood floor can last for generations. But where did it all begin? Every plank on every hardwood floor came from a tree somewhere. Many of the most common types of hardwood flooring may have even come from relatives of the […]

True Hardwood v. Laminate Flooring

Frequently you will walk into someone’s new home and they will expect you to marvel at the beauty of their hardwood flooring. More often than not, they are misleading you; you are actually looking at and standing upon laminate flooring. There are a number of differences between these two types of flooring, some subtle and […]

The Best Wood Flooring for Families with Children

It seems that children and flooring do not mix well. Small children with wet diapers, boys with hammers and girls with muddy boots and their coaches overturned cause scratches on the floor, rubbed places, dirt and stains. Carpets in such conditions will soon be worn, dirty and damaged. Wood has advantages over carpeting such as […]

The Facts that You Should Know About Hardwood Flooring Installation

It is recommended by the professionals that in hardwood flooring installation from start to end, the tools, preparations, laying down, cutting and attaching boards must be included.   The successful and effective wood floor installation is definitely one of the top rewarding part in DIY projects. As your room transforms into a beautiful, warm and […]

Introduction to the Types and Styles of Hardwood Floors

The fact has been revealed already that many people choose hardwood floors than carpet. Hardwood floors are commonly installed in the traffic areas such as living room, kitchens and hallways. Carpet is not that easy to clean up compared to hardwood floor. If you are deciding to prefer or change your carpet floors into hard […]