Carpet Fibers and Carpet Padding

Choosing Carpet: Carpet Fibers and Carpet Pad Carpet Fiber Types The selection of fiber affects the end use performance of carpet. Carpet fibers come in some basic types, which are as follow: Nylon Fiber Nylon is usually used in carpet. The features of this type of carpet fiber include the aptitude to produce a range […]

Importance of Quality Carpet Installation

Carpet Performance Counts on the Quality Installation Are you a good do-it-yourself-ers? Better not depend on it! Installing carpet needs a special skill. It is not a lay-and-go method. Correct or incorrect installation will affect its performance and the air quality inside your home. It is recommended to hire a professional contractor who follows the […]

Carpet Fibers

There are different types of carpet, different fibers make up different styles and feels of carpet. Even though some carpets are comprised of blends, the majority are made totally of one of the four basic carpet fibers, as follow: Nylon Carpets   Since the early 1960’s, nylon fiber has been the most frequently used type. […]

Carpet Versus Hardwood – Which Flooring Wins?

Choosing flooring is actually a very complicated decision to make, as it requires the purchaser to think not only about their current flooring, but also flooring needs for years down the road. In addition, while it is important to get the right look for flooring, it is also important to take into consideration the safety, […]

Purchasing Safe Carpeting

The majority of homes in America have wall to wall carpeting, and why not? It is comfortable and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, not all carpeting is produced with the health and safety of the consumer in mind. Whether your carpeting is new or old you may be exposing yourself and your family to a number […]

Which Flooring Options Are Quietest?

One important consideration to make when choosing flooring for a new home or for a remodeling project that often goes overlooked is just how noisy the floor is going to be. Certain types of flooring are inherently noisier when walked upon, so it may be worth taking into account the kind of traffic that the […]

Safe Flooring For Young Families

Children, especially toddlers, represent a unique problem for families looking to have their floors replaced. Children are not only especially good at scuffing, scratching and staining floors, they are also uniquely vulnerable to some potentially harmful elements of the manufacturing and installation process of new floors. Some types of flooring can be dangerous for kids […]

Bathroom Floors 101

Choosing the right flooring to install when building or remodeling your bathroom is essential for protecting both your investment and your health. A bathroom floor needs two things to be effective: water resistance and slip resistance. Given the amount of ambient moisture most residential bathrooms experience you do not want a floor that will easily […]

Selecting the Carpet for your Home

It is not new to us that carpets have become a big deal to a number of homeowners. When you enter into a house, you will notice that a room or more is embellished with a carpet. People find that the many benefits of having a carpet are indeed true. Therefore, it is without a […]

Carpet Wagon Tips on Buying New Carpet for your Home

Are you redecorating? Do you need a new carpet to go with it? If yes, then you better know the simple tips  Carpet Wagon  provides on how to choose the right carpet for your house. A carpet is not just an ordinary ornament of a house. It serves its purpose well. This is where you […]