Safe CarpetChildren, especially toddlers, represent a unique problem for families looking to have their floors replaced. Children are not only especially good at scuffing, scratching and staining floors, they are also uniquely vulnerable to some potentially harmful elements of the manufacturing and installation process of new floors. Some types of flooring can be dangerous for kids who are just learning to walk and take frequent tumbles, while others are required to be set with potentially harmful glues. Below is a quick guide to some common types of flooring and the risks and benefits each represents.


Hardwood floors may seem at first glance to be a poor choice for families with young children. They are prone to scratching from plastic wheeled highchairs and riding toys, and are not especially stain resistant. It also tends to hurt when you fall on a hardwood floor. The one possible advantage is that some hardwood floors can be floated in, meaning they can be put in without the use of potentially toxic glues or resins. If you are married to the idea of hardwood floors, purchasing area rugs may be necessary in order to keep your toddler, and your floors, safe from one another.


Carpeting is generally the most popular choice for families with small children. Carpeting is generally softer and a growing number of carpeting options are available in stain resistant varieties. It is also much less painful to fall down on a carpet than a harder option. If you have children however, you will want to make sure the carpet you are buying does not contain any components that are potentially poisonous volatile organic chemicals, or VOC’s, such as toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, ethyl benzene, styrene or acetone. These chemicals can be dangerous if ingested.

Vinyl or Laminate

Vinyl or laminate flooring is considered a good choice for young families as it is durable and easy to clean. As with carpeting, however, some vinyl and laminate floorings, or the glues used during flooring installation, can contain potentially toxic elements including lead or phthalates.

Ceramic or Stone

Tile or stonework floorings may be beautiful, stain resistant and durable, but they are also a poor choice for families with children. While they resist scuffing and scratches, a sharp impact from dropped or knocked over objects can shatter a stone or ceramic tile and the grout that holds tiles in place can be stained easily and very difficult to repair without replacing part of the floor.

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