Kid Friendly Flooring

Children are terrific fun, and sometimes, they are also a terrific mess. There is no denying that even the neatest children will bring spills, dirt, mud, and mess into a home, and a savvy parent will prepare in advance for any messes that go along with parenting.

The Right Flooring Can Offer Both Romantic Style And Passive Solar Energy

Passive solar heating and cooling has become increasingly popular for homes, as it not only helps to reduce your overall costs of living by utilizing passive solar heat via windows, flooring options and even drywall, but it is also an ecologically friendly way of life that requires little, if any, extra money or effort. While […]

Does Thickness Matter With Your Flooring?

Size does matter, at least when it comes to your flooring. The thickness of your flooring will not only determine how energy efficient your home will be, but is also usually indicative of how long the floor will last as well. From laminate to tile to wood flooring, many times the warranty on these flooring […]

Best Flooring Options For Families With Pets

When making the decision to have a new flooring installation, there are a plethora of considerations a family has to make. One that is frequently overlooked by homeowners, and one they come to regret not making, is how their flooring will affect their pets, and vice versa of course. Dogs and cats can find certain […]