Before You Choose A New Floor, Think Of Its Floor Insulation Qualities

The level of insulation is one of the most important qualities of any home. Insulation has a profound effect on the comfort of the home and its long-term cost of ownership. Yet, most people don’t consider the insulation qualities of their flooring when comparing options. There are many different ways to improve the floor insulation […]

The Right Flooring Can Offer Both Romantic Style And Passive Solar Energy

Passive solar heating and cooling has become increasingly popular for homes, as it not only helps to reduce your overall costs of living by utilizing passive solar heat via windows, flooring options and even drywall, but it is also an ecologically friendly way of life that requires little, if any, extra money or effort. While […]

Keep Your Home Filled With Light Even With Dark Colored Floors

The color of your floors has a great deal to do with the overall quality of light in a room. However, there is no need to be hesitant to choose a dark colored carpet or hardwood such as walnut for fear that it will give your home a gloomy look. If used properly a dark […]

Tips For Getting The Right Area Rug

Area rugs can provide a splash of color in an otherwise dull room and can also offer a soft and safe place to nestle in front of the fireplace. However, not all rugs will look equally great and not all rugs will fit neatly into the spots you like. There are some rules to follow […]

Laminate – The Flooring That Can Do It All

Many people seem to think that synthetic flooring is pretty much interchangeable with another type of synthetic flooring, so laminate and vinyl may seem like the same thing to those not in the know. However, laminate is a very specific type of flooring that features four different layers of materials. The four layers consist of: […]

Stone And Ceramic Tile Options Give You Unlimited Possibilities

As more people are turning to green building materials for their home, the market has become flooded with more options for flooring than ever before. Stone tiles, once reserved only for the exceedingly wealthy, are now widely available and quite affordable in a range of styles, colors and thicknesses. Stone offers several interesting factors as […]

Why Choose Local Flooring Experts?

Why choose a local flooring store, like Carpet Wagon, instead of the nearest big chain store? Besides just generally sticking it to the man, there are actually a number of good reasons that choosing local experts actually benefits you as both a consumer and as a citizen of your community.

Bathroom Floors 101

Choosing the right flooring to install when building or remodeling your bathroom is essential for protecting both your investment and your health. A bathroom floor needs two things to be effective: water resistance and slip resistance. Given the amount of ambient moisture most residential bathrooms experience you do not want a floor that will easily […]

Home decorating from the ground up

[custom_frame_center][/custom_frame_center] What best defines your decorating style? Sleek and modern? Shabby Chic? Traditional Americana? Our homes are an extension of ourselves and our families. How you decorate your home expresses part of who you are. Decorating is a process that can be done from the “ground” up, so to speak. What kind of flooring […]